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Breeding cattle export

We accompany our customers in the selection of animals on the supplier's farms. Every single cow is examined by a veterinarian and provided with a health declaration.

We supply breeding cattle including a pedigree with details of up to 4 generations of ancestors and milk production of dams/grand dams.

Depending on the wishes of our customers we can offer blood tests such as IBR, BVD and Neosporosis. 

We have access to approx. 3000 quarantine places, which we use for our export and are prescribed in the export certificate for your country if required. During this quarantine we carry out all necessary treatments, blood tests and vaccinations according to the export certificate. At the end of the quarantine, an official veterinary certificate signed by the official veterinarian of the exporting country is issued.

We transport with specialised livestock transporters, these are equipped with water and ventilation systems and are suitable for transport over long distances.
Transport by ship or plane is optional for longer distances.

The animals are always insured for 100% of their value during transport to the customer.
If required, we can offer you special German insurance services, which will insure your imported breeding cattle for an additional 30 days.

At the request of the customer and for a separate fee, we will be happy to advise and support you with our well-trained specialists in setting up your livestock breeding in your country.